Government Procurement Act
(Chapter 120, Sections 12, 13 and 25)
Government Procurement (Challenge Proceedings) Regulations
Rg 1
G.N. No. S 215/2002

(29th February 2004)
[13th May 2002]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Government Procurement (Challenge Proceedings) Regulations.
2.  The fee payable to the Registrar of the Tribunal for bringing a challenge before the Tribunal shall be $500.
3.  The sum to be deposited with the Registrar of the Tribunal under section 13 of the Act shall be $5,000.
Notice of Challenge
4.  The Notice of Challenge referred to in section 12 of the Act shall be duly signed and in writing, and shall contain the following information:
(a)the name, address and telephone and facsimile numbers of the supplier bringing the challenge;
(b)where the supplier is an individual, the country or territory of which he is a national;
(c)where the supplier is a company or association or body of persons, the country or territory under which laws it is formed and the country or territory in which it has its principal place of business;
(d)the contracting authority against whom the challenge is brought;
(e)sufficient identification of the procurement which is the subject of the challenge, including the goods or service, or goods and service, as the case may be, procured or to be procured and the estimated value of the procurement;
(f)details of the duty owed by the contracting authority under section 7 of the Act which the contracting authority is alleged to have breached, including an identification of the relevant provision of the Government Procurement Regulations (Rg 2);
(g)sufficient identification of the alleged breach of duty;
(h)the date on which the alleged breach of duty first took place;
(i)a statement of the loss or damage which the supplier has suffered or reasonably risks suffering as a result of the breach and the remedies sought; and
(j)whether the supplier has sought resolution of the matter in consultation with the contracting authority and, if so, the outcome of such consultation.