Housing and Development Act
(Chapter 129, Section 65P(1))
Housing and Development (Design-build-and-sell Scheme — Vesting) Notification
N 7
G.N. No. S 701/2008

(31st May 2010)
[31st December 2008]
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Housing and Development (Design-Build-and-Sell Scheme — Vesting) Notification.
Vesting of reversion, etc., in Board
2.  The Minister, in respect of the housing accommodation built on the parcel of land specified in the first column of the First Schedule by the approved developer specified in the second column thereof, hereby declares that —
(a)the following shall vest in the Board:
(i)the reversion immediately expectant on the lease of every housing accommodation sold by the approved developer; and
(ii)the entire estate in the common property built by the approved developer on that same parcel of land; and
(b)the lease of the unsold housing accommodation set out in the Second Schedule shall vest in the approved developer.