Housing and Development Act
(Chapter 129, Section 27(2)(ba))
Housing and Development (Renovation Control) Rules
R 15
G.N. No. S 585/2006

(31st May 2010)
[16th October 2006]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Housing and Development (Renovation Control) Rules.
2.—(1)  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“HDB flat” means any residential flat, house or other living accommodation sold under the Act;
“registered renovation contractor” means a company or a firm which is registered by the Board as a registered renovation contractor under Part III;
“renovation permit” means the written approval by the Board to carry out such renovation works in an HDB flat as are specified in that approval;
“renovation works” means any structural or non-structural additions and alterations carried out to an HDB flat, but does not include repairs and such other works as the Board may determine.
(2)  A licence referred to in section 27(2A) of the Act includes —
(a)a renovation permit to carry out renovation works; and
(b)any registration of a renovation contractor,
under these Rules.