Legal Profession Act
(Chapter 161, Section 72(2))
Legal Profession (Deposit Interest) Rules
R 5
(25th March 1992)
[15th August 1970]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Legal Profession (Deposit Interest) Rules.
Fixed deposits and their management
2.  Subject to rule 4, when a solicitor holds or receives money for or on account of a client, the solicitor shall —
(a)deposit such money separately by way of fixed deposit in a bank repayable on demand in the name of the solicitor or his firm and the name of the client or the matter concerned, and account to the client for any interest earned thereon; or
(b)pay to the client out of his own money the sum equivalent to the interest which would have accrued for the benefit of the client if the money had been deposited separately by way of fixed deposit in a bank repayable on demand as aforesaid:
Provided that a solicitor shall not be required so to deposit or to account to a client for interest or to pay interest to a client unless —
(i)the sum of money received by the solicitor exceeds $5000 at the time of receipt; and
(ii)the instructions to the solicitor at the time of receipt are such that he knows that the sum of money so received will not, within 4 months thereafter, be either wholly disbursed or reduced to a sum below $5000 and the sum of money so received is not in fact within such period so disbursed or reduced.
Client’s remedies
3.  Without prejudice to any other remedy which may be available to him, any client who feels aggrieved that interest, or a sum equivalent thereto, has not been paid to him under these Rules shall be entitled to require the solicitor to obtain a certificate from the Council of the Law Society of Singapore as to whether or not interest ought to have been earned for him and, if so, the amount of such interest and on the issue of such a certificate the sum certified to be due shall be payable by the solicitor to the client.
4.  Nothing in these Rules shall —
(a)affect any arrangement in writing whenever made between a solicitor and his client as to the application of the client money or interest thereon; or
(b)apply to money received by a solicitor, being money subject to a trust of which the solicitor is a trustee.