Medicines Act
(Chapter 176, Section 23)
Medicines (General Sale List) Order
O 13
(15th June 1998)
[24th September 1997]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Medicines (General Sale List) Order.
2.—(1)  In this Order, “product licence” means a product licence which is granted under section 5 of the Act
(2)  In the Schedule, the following abbreviations are used:
“g” for gram;
“iu” for international unit of activity;
“mcg” for microgram;
“mg” for milligram;
“ml” for millilitre;
“%” for percentage;
“w/w” for weight in weight;
“v/w” for volume in weight; and
“v/v” for volume in volume.
General sale list
3.  A medicinal product which, in the opinion of the Minister, can with reasonable safety be sold or supplied otherwise than by or under the supervision of a pharmacist is that —
(a)of a description set out in the first, second, third and fourth columns of the Schedule; and
(b)which conforms, as regards strength, quality and purity, with the specifications of the medicinal product registered with the licensing authority under the product licence which number is specified in the second column of the Schedule.