Medicines Act
(Chapter 176, Section 54)
Medicines (Oral Dental Gums) (Specification) Order
O 19
G.N. No. S 662/2003

(31st March 2005)
[1st January 2004]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Medicines (Oral Dental Gums) (Specification) Order.
2.  In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires, “oral dental gum” means chewing gum for use in promoting dental health or oral hygiene.
Oral dental gums subject to provisions of Act
3.—(1)  For the purposes of section 54 of the Act, oral dental gums are substances appearing to the Minister to be substances which are not medicinal products but which are manufactured, sold, supplied, imported or exported for use wholly or partly for a cosmetic.
(2)  Subject to the exceptions and modifications specified in the second column of the Schedule, the provisions of the Act set out in the first column of the Schedule shall have effect in relation to oral dental gums as those provisions have effect in relation to medicinal products.
Existing law not affected
4.  Nothing in this Order shall operate to relieve any person of any duty or liability imposed upon him by the provisions of any other written law for the time being in force.