Medicines Act
(CHAPTER 176, Sections 22 and 74)
Medicines (Export Licence for Psychotropic Substances) Regulations1
1  Replaces Rg 9, 1993 Ed. (S 563/91).
Rg 9
(1st June 1994)
[1st June 1994]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Medicines (Export Licence for Psychotropic Substances) Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“export” means to take or cause to be taken out of Singapore by land, air or water, otherwise than in transit;
“export licence” means a licence granted by the licensing authority under regulation 4(2);
“psychotropic substance” means a substance specified in the Schedule.
Licence to export psychotropic substance
3.  No person shall export any psychotropic substance unless —
(a)he possess a valid export licence relating to the psychotropic substance; and
(b)the export of the psychotropic substance is in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the licence.
Application for export licence
4.—(1)  An application for an export licence shall be made to the licensing authority in such form and manner as the licensing authority may require.
(2)  Upon receipt of an application under paragraph (1), the licensing authority may, in his discretion, grant an export licence subject to such terms and conditions as the licensing authority thinks fit.
5.—(1)  The fee for an export licence shall be $50.
(2)  There shall be no refund of any fee paid under these Regulations.
6.  Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with regulation 3 shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.
7.  Notwithstanding the revocation of the Medicines (Export Licence) Regulations, any licence granted under those Regulations which is in force immediately before 1st June 1994 —
(a)shall have effect as if granted under these Regulations; and
(b)in the case of a licence for a specified period, shall remain in force for so much of that period as falls after 1st June 1994.
[Rg 9.]