Massage Establishments Act
(Chapter 173, Section 13)
Massage Establishments Rules
R 1
(25th March 1992)
[18th September 1959]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Massage Establishments Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“client” means any person seeking massage or special treatment in any establishment for massage;
“Health Officer” means any Government Health Officer and includes any Deputy Health Officer or Assistant Health Officer.
Application for licence
3.—(1)  Every application for the issue or renewal of a licence shall be made in the Form A set out in the Schedule.
(2)  Where an application is made by a body corporate or firm, the application shall be countersigned by the person to whom it is desired the licence should be issued.
(3)  Every applicant for the issue or renewal of a licence shall attend in person if so required in writing by the Licensing Officer at the time of the application for issue or renewal of a licence or at any subsequent time.
(4)  Every applicant for the issue or renewal of a licence shall provide at his own expense two passport size copies of his photograph, to be affixed one to the licence and the other to the duplicate of the licence kept by the Licensing Officer as provided in rule 4.
(5)  Every application for the issue or renewal of a licence shall be accompanied by original certificates setting out the technical qualifications of the applicant, partner or member of the staff of the establishment for massage.
Issue of licence
4.—(1)  Every licence issued by the Licensing Officer shall be in the Form B set out in the Schedule.
(2)  Every such licence shall be made out in duplicate, of which the original copy shall be given to the licensee and the duplicate retained by the Licensing Officer.
Licence Register
5.  The Licensing Officer shall keep all duplicates of licences in safe custody and shall maintain a Licence Register containing such particulars appearing in each licence as he considers necessary.
Fee for licence
6.—(1)  The fee payable for a licence under these Rules shall be $540.
(2)  Every such licence shall expire on 31st March following the date of issue unless previously revoked.
(3)  There shall be no refund of any fee paid under this rule.
Licence not to be transferred or lent
7.  No licensee shall transfer or lend his licence to any other person.
Display of licence and sign-board
8.  Every licensee shall keep displayed in a conspicuous place outside the establishment for massage a sign-board showing plainly the name or style of the establishment, and shall also keep displayed in a suitable place within the establishment the licence issued under the Act.
9.—(1)  No licensee shall permit any person whom he knows or has reason to believe to be a prostitute or a person of bad character to enter into his establishment for massage.
(2)  No licensee shall employ any person whom he knows or has reason to believe to be a prostitute or a person of bad character.
(3)  No person who is under the age of 21 shall be employed in any establishment for massage.
(4)  No gaming, drunkenness or disorderly conduct of any kind shall be permitted in any establishment for massage.
Register of clients
10.—(1)  The licensee shall require every client to, and every such client shall, furnish the following particulars:
(a)his full name, including in the case of a Chinese, his “Seh” and in the case of a Malay or Indian, the name of his father;
(b)particulars of any identity card, passport, or other travel document issued to him;
(c)his current address;
(d)his occupation and place of employment;
(e)his nationality and race; and
(f)the hour and date of his arrival.
(2)  The particulars prescribed in paragraph (1) shall be entered forthwith in a register to be provided by the licensee, or if the client is not able to write, the licensee or his clerk shall make the entry, and in either case the entry shall be signed by the person to whom the particulars relate, or should he be unable to write, authenticated by his right thumbprint.
(3)  On the departure of such client, the licensee shall record against the relevant entry the hour of his departure.
(4)  No licensee, clerk or client shall enter or cause to be entered in the register any particulars which he knows or could by the exercise of reasonable diligence have ascertained to be false.
(5)  No person shall be permitted to receive massage or special treatment unless his particulars have been entered in the register.
Notification of change of address, etc.
11.—(1)  Every licensee shall, subject to paragraph (2), notify the Licensing Officer of any change in —
(a)the name or address of the establishment for massage:
(b)the residential address of the licensee:
(c)the treatment provided at the establishment for massage; or
(d)the nature of the business carried on at the establishment for massage,
within 7 days of such change.
(2)  Where a licensee who has changed his residential address makes a report of the change under section 8 of the National Registration Act [Cap. 201] within 7 days thereof, he shall be deemed to have notified the Licensing Officer of the change in his residential address in compliance with paragraph (1)(b).