Merchant Shipping Act
(Chapter 179, Section 47)
Merchant Shipping (Marine Engineer Officers) Regulations
Rg 14
(15th June 1997)
[1st June 1994]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Merchant Shipping (Marine Engineer Officers) Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“certificate of competency” means a certificate of competency issued by the Director under these Regulations or a certificate which is treated as equivalent to such a certificate by virtue of regulation 6, but does not include a certificate of competency issued by a foreign maritime administration;
“certificate of recognition” means a certificate of recognition issued by the Director under regulation 7(1);
“certificate of service” means a certificate of service issued by the Director under regulation 5(2) of the revoked Regulations;
“power”, in relation to a ship, means the brake or shaft power as shown in the ship’s register, that is to say, the total continuous rated brake or shaft power of all the propulsion engines, irrespective of whether some of the power may be diverted from the propulsion shafts or whether all the power is normally used;
“qualified marine engineer officer” means a marine engineer officer who is qualified in accordance with regulation 4(2);
“revoked Regulations” means the Merchant Shipping (Marine Engineer Officers) Regulations (Rg 14, 1990 Ed.) which were in force immediately before 1st June 1994;
“service as an assistant engineer officer” means service under training to become a qualified marine engineer officer;
“special limit voyage” means a voyage within the following limits:
from a point where the longitude 103° 00′ East cuts the West coast of Johor, thence due South to latitude 00° 30′ North, thence due East to longitude 105° 00′ East, thence due North to latitude 01° 00′ North, thence to the point 02° 00′ North, 104° 15′ East, thence due West to the coast of Johor and thence following the coast of Johor westwards to the starting point.
3.  These Regulations shall apply to all self-propelled ships registered in Singapore.