Merchant Shipping Act
(CHAPTER 179, Section 100)
Merchant Shipping (Crew Accommodation) Regulations
Rg 29
G.N. No. S 328/1997

(15th June 1998)
[1st December 1997]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Merchant Shipping (Crew Accommodation) Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“approved” means approved by the Director or by an authorised organisation;
“authorised organisation” means an organisation authorised by the Minister under section 116 of the Act for the survey or inspection of Singapore ships and the issue of any certificate under Part V of the Act;
“crew accommodation” includes such sleeping rooms, mess rooms, sanitary accommodation, hospital accommodation and recreation accommodation as are provided for the use of the crew;
“existing ship” means a ship which is not a new ship;
“new ship” means a ship of which the keel is laid, or which is at a similar stage of construction, on or after 1st December 1997;
“officer” means a person other than a master designated as such by the crew agreement made under section 53 of the Act;
“petty officer” means a rating serving in a supervisory position or a position of special responsibility who is designated as such by the crew agreement made under section 53 of the Act;
“rating” means a member of the crew other than the master or an officer;
“ship” means a ship to which these Regulations apply;
“special limit voyage” means a voyage within the following limits:
from a point where the longitude 103° 00' East cuts the West coast of Johore, thence due South to latitude 00° 30' North, thence due East to longitude 105° 00' East, thence due North to latitude 01° 00' North, thence to the point 02° 00' North, 104° 15' East, thence due West to the coast of Johore and thence following the coast of Johore Westwards to the starting point;
“surveyor of ships” means a person appointed as a surveyor of ships under section 5 of the Act;
“tons” means gross tonnage measured in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Tonnage) Regulations (Rg 12);
“tug” means a ship constructed or adapted primarily to engage in towing or similar pursuits.
Application and exemption
3.—(1)  Unless otherwise expressly provided, these
Regulations —
(a)shall apply to all new ships, subject to sub-paragraph (c);
(b)shall not apply to any existing ship, subject to sub-paragraph (c), unless —
(i)the owner of the ship so requests; or
(ii)the crew accommodation in such ship is substantially altered or reconstructed and such alteration or reconstruction takes place on or after 1st December 1997;
(c)shall not apply to —
(i)ships of less than 500 tons;
(ii)ships primarily propelled by sail but having auxiliary engines;
(iii)ships engaged in fishing or in similar pursuits;
(iv)tugs; or
(v)ships exclusively engaged on special limit voyages.
(2)  These Regulations shall be applied where reasonable and practicable to —
(a)ships between 200 and 500 tons; and
(b)ships engaged in whaling or in similar pursuits.
(3)  The Director may exempt any ship from any of these Regulations either unconditionally or subject to such conditions as he thinks fit if he is satisfied that compliance with that regulation is either impracticable or unreasonable in respect of that ship.