Parliamentary Elections Act
(Chapter 218, Sections 8 and 20A)
Parliamentary Elections (Names and Polling Districts of Electoral Divisions) Notification
N 1
G.N. No. S 521/2001

(31st January 2003)
[17th October 2001]
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Parliamentary Elections (Names and Polling Districts of Electoral Divisions) Notification.
Names of electoral divisions
2.—(1)  The names of the electoral divisions of Singapore for the purposes of the next general election and any election thereafter under the Act shall be as specified in the first column of the Schedule.
(2)  The existing polling districts specified in the second column of the Schedule opposite each electoral division are retained, redistributed or transferred, as the case may be, to form subdivisions of that electoral division.
(3)  The new distinguishing letters assigned to the existing polling districts are as specified in the third column of the Schedule.
Meaning of existing polling district
3.  In this Notification, an existing polling district of any distinguishing letter means the polling district assigned with that distinguishing letter and described in the Gazette Notification No. 2686 of 27th September 2001, being the latest Notification relating to that polling district.