Registration of Births and Deaths Act
(Chapter 267, Section 29)
Registration of Births and Deaths Rules
R 1
(25th March 1992)
[2nd January 1990]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Registration of Births and Deaths Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires, “dangerous infectious disease” has the meaning given to that expression in the Infectious Diseases Act [Cap. 137].
Report of birth
3.  Reports of birth shall be made at the office of the supervising deputy registrar, if any, or of any deputy registrar duly appointed for any registration area.
4.  For the purpose of registering a birth, the supervising deputy registrar or the deputy registrar may require the parents of the child to produce their identity cards or other identification documents, if any, and their marriage certificate, if any, and such other documents as may be issued by the medical practitioner or midwife who delivered the child.
Particulars of birth
5.  Particulars of the birth shall be recorded in the register of births in the Form A set out in the Schedule.
Deputies to forward completed registers to registrar
6.  The deputy registrar of a registration area shall forward his duly completed registers of births through the supervising deputy registrar, if any, for his registration area, to the office of the registrar.
Subsequent registration of name
7.  When the name of a child is not reported at the time of making such report, and the name is subsequently reported under section 11 of the Act, an application and a certificate in the Form B, C or D set out in the Schedule shall be presented to the registrar.
Surname of illegitimate child
8.—(1)  An application for the surname of the father of an illegitimate child to be entered in a register of births as having been given to the child under section 10(3) of the Act, shall be made to the registrar having custody of the register.
(2)  Where the application is made —
(a)by a parent or guardian of the child, it shall be in the Form E set out in the Schedule; or
(b)by the child who has attained 21 years of age, it shall be in the Form F set out in the Schedule.