Residential Property Act
Chapter 274, Section 32(1)
Residential Property (Exemption) Notification
N 9
G.N. No. S 410/1991

( )
[20 September 1991]
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Residential Property (Exemption) Notification.
2.  Any transfer to any person who is not a citizen of Singapore (including a permanent resident of Singapore) of a flat or house sold under Part IV of the Housing and Development Act or Part IV of the Jurong Town Corporation Act from the proprietor of or any person entitled to any estate or interest in the flat or house shall be exempted from the provisions of the Residential Property Act.
Cessation of exemption
3.—(1)  Subject to sub-paragraph (2), the exemption granted in respect of a flat or house under paragraph 2 shall cease when a strata title plan is registered under the Land Titles (Strata) Act in respect of the land upon which the flat or house is erected.
(2)  The registration of a strata title plan in respect of any land upon which any flat or house referred to in paragraph 2 is erected shall not affect any transfer of, or any written agreement to transfer, any estate or interest in such flat or house made before the date of registration of the strata title plan notwithstanding that the instrument of transfer may be executed, or that the Housing and Development Board or the Jurong Town Corporation, as the case may be, gives its written consent to the transfer, after that date.
Note:—For the purposes of this Notification, “transfer” includes a conveyance, sale, assignment, settlement, declaration of trust, assent, disposition of whatever nature, the vesting of any estate or interest in residential property by an instrument or under a vesting order of court and every instrument capable of vesting any estate or interest in residential property upon registration of such instrument by the Registrar of Titles and the Registrar of Deeds, but does not include a mortgage, charge or reconveyance.