Road Traffic Act
(Chapter 276, Sections 74(1) and (2))
Road Traffic (Approved Helmets) Notification
N 5
G.N. No. S 82/1999

(31st January 2001)
[1st March 1999]
For the purposes of section 74(1) and (2) of the Act, the protective helmet —
(a)to be worn on the head of every person who drives or is carried on a motor cycle; or
(b)to be sold or offered for sale or had in possession for sale,
shall be of the following type approved by the Minister for Home Affairs:
(i)it shall conform to the requirements of the Singapore Standard Specification S.S. 9:1992 (UDC 614.891: 629.047: 687.4: 629.113) as published by the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board; and
(ii)it shall bear the PSB CERTIFICATION MARK, or the PSB BATCH INSPECTED label, of the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board unless the mark or the label is worn out through wear and tear.
[G.N. No. S 82/99]