Smoking (Control of Advertisements and Sale of Tobacco) Act
(Chapter 309, Section 18)
Appointment of Authorised Officers
N 1
G.N. No. S 183/1993

(31st January 2000)
The Director of Medical Services has appointed the following officers to be authorised officers:
(1).—(a)  all principals and teachers, whether or not appointed by the Ministry of Education, attached to polytechnics, schools and training institutions but excluding private commercial or hobby schools for the purposes of exercising the powers under section 11(2) of the Act;
(b)the appointment under sub-paragraph (a) is subject to the direction that the powers as specified be exercised by the authorised officers only in respect of the students attending their polytechnic, school or training institution, as the case may be.
[S 183/93]
(2)  the Director of Customs, Senior Superintendents of Customs, Higher Superintendents of Customs and Superintendents of Customs in the Excise and Warehousing and Documentation Branches of the Customs and Excise Department for the purposes of the Smoking (Control of Advertisements and Sale of Tobacco) (Labelling) Regulations (Rg 2).
[S 259/94]
(3)  all Parks Rangers of the National Parks Board and all Environmental Health Officers attached to the Ministry of the Environment to exercise the powers under sections 11 (2), 22(1) and (3) of the Act.
[S 384/96]