Trade Unions Act
(Chapter 333, Section 47(g))
Trade Unions (Expenditure of Funds) Notification
N 1
(25th March 1992)
[15th May 1970]
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Trade Unions (Expenditure of Funds) Notification.
Objects for which funds may be expended
2.  The funds of a registered trade union may, subject to the rules made thereunder and to the provisions of the Act, be expended for the following objects:
(a)the payment of affiliation fees to a registered federation of trade unions, a trade union co-ordinating or advisory body registered in Singapore under any written law;
(b)the payment of affiliation fees to a federation of trade unions, a trade union co-ordinating or advisory body established outside Singapore as may, from time to time, be approved by the Minister on application being made to him by the trade union;
(c)the payment —
(i)of essential transport expenses and the amount of actual wages lost by representatives of trade unions attending meetings connected with or related to the promotion of industrial relations; and
(ii)of expenditure for the purpose of the establishment or maintenance of any lawful trade union co-ordinating or advisory bodies;
(d)the editing, printing, publication and circulation of any journal, magazine, news sheet or other printed literature published by the registered trade union for the advancement of its objects or the promotion of the interests of the members in accordance with its registered objects and rules;
(e)the payment of affiliation fees to cultural and educational associations registered under any written law within Singapore and such other associations or organisations established outside Singapore as may from time to time be approved by the Minister;
(f)the conduct of social, sporting, educational and charitable activities of the union;
(g)the promotion, organisation, operation and financing of co-operative enterprises established by the union or any other registered trade union under any written law in Singapore;
(h)the payment of membership fees and other levies to the Consumers’ Association of Singapore (CASE), a society registered in Singapore under the Societies Act [Cap. 311];
(i)the payment of entrance fee and annual subscription and donation to the Singapore Labour Foundation established under the Singapore Labour Foundation Act [Cap. 302];
(j)the provision of bursaries and scholarships to members of the union and their children; and
(k)the payment of membership fees and levies and donation to the NTUC Club, a society registered under the Societies Act.