No. S 118
Companies Act
(Chapter 50)
Companies (Winding-up) (Amendment) Rules 1996
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 410 of the Companies Act, the Rules Committee constituted under the Supreme Court of Judicature Act hereby makes the following Rules:
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Companies (Winding-Up) (Amendment) Rules 1996 and shall come into operation on 1st April 1996.
2.  Rule 32(1) of the Companies (Winding-Up) Rules is amended by deleting “$2,900” in sub-paragraph (e) and substituting “$3,250”.
[R 1.]
[G.N. Nos.]
[S 434/94]
[S 513/95]

Made this 25th day of March 1996.

    Advocate and Solicitor.    R. E. MARTIN   
Advocate and Solicitor.    TAY YONG KWANG   
District Judge.    RICHARD MAGNUS    
Senior District Judge.    JUDITH PRAKASH    
Judge.    G P SELVAM    
Judge.    LAI KEW CHAI    
Judge.    L. P. THEAN    
Judge of Appeal.    M. KARTHIGESU    
Judge of Appeal.    CHAN SEK KEONG    
Attorney-General.   YONG PUNG HOW    
Chief Justice.     
[OAPT/A012/73; AG/SL/13/95]