No. S 139
Registration of Births and Deaths Act
(Chapter 267)
Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendment) Rules 1996
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 29 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, the Minister for Home Affairs hereby makes the following Rules:
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendment) Rules 1996 and shall come into operation on 1st April 1996.
2.  Rule 26 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Rules is deleted and the following rule substituted therefor:
26.  The following fees shall be payable under the Act:
(1) for a certified extract from —
(a)the register of births in the Form N or O set out in the Schedule
. . .
(b)the register of deaths in the Form P or Q set out in the Schedule
. . .
(2) for a certified extract under paragraph (1) where the extract is required for Government purposes
. . .
No charge.
(3) for a search in any register —
(a) where the applicant produces evidence of the number of the entry
. . .
No charge.
(b) where the search involves a scrutiny of the register covering a specific period, for every month or part thereof covered by the period
. . .
(4) for any search made on behalf of the Government
. . .
No charge.
(5)for recording the name of any child whose birth has been registered without a name
. . .
(6) for the correction of errors under section 24(3) of the Act, for every word or figure corrected
. . .
$20 subject to a maximum of $60.
(7) for altering the name of a child
. . .
(8) for a certificate of registration of birth
. . .
(9) for entering the surname of the father of an illegitimate child in a register of births under section 10(3) of the Act
. . .
[R 1.]
[G.N. Nos.]
[S 147/92]
[S 72/93]
[S 400/94]
[S 166/95”.]

Made this 15th day of March 1996.

Permanent Secretary,   
Ministry of Home Affairs,
[RBD 726 Vol. 3; AG/SL/25/95]