No. S 155
Boundaries and Survey Maps Act
(Chapter 25)
Boundaries and Survey Maps (Conduct of Cadastral Surveys) Rules 2005
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 17(2)(c) of the Boundaries and Survey Maps Act, the Singapore Land Authority, with the approval of the Minister for Law, hereby makes the following Rules:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Boundaries and Survey Maps (Conduct of Cadastral Surveys) Rules 2005 and shall come into operation on 31st March 2005.
2.—(1)  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“ISN” means a network of control ISN markers with ISN co‑ordinates approved by the Chief Surveyor;
“ISN co-ordinates” means a plane rectangular co-ordinate system based on the SVY21 datum and using a transverse mercator projection with projection origin (unmarked) located at —
1° 22' 00" N
103° 50' 00" E
38744.572 m
28001.642 m;
“ISN marker” means a survey marker designed for integrated surveys with geographical and ISN co-ordinates approved by the Chief Surveyor;
“ppm” means parts per million;
“strata subdivision” has the same meaning as in the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Cap. 158);
“subdivided building” has the same meaning as in the Land Titles (Strata) Act;
“survey document” includes any plan, field book, field notes, form, sketch, computation or information recorded or derived from a survey;
“SVY21 datum” means a geodetic co-ordinate datum based on the WGS84 ellipsoid and a reference point known as BASE7 (located at Pillar 7 Lower Peirce Reservoir) with values fixed at —
1° 22'
02.915414" N
103° 49'
31.975227" E
Ellipsoidal Height
26.824 m
Reduced Level
17.113 m
Geoidal Undulation
9.711 m;
“WGS84 ellipsoid” means a mathematical surface with the following definitions:
Semi-major axis
6378137.0000 m
Semi-minor axis
6356752.3142 m
(2)  Any reference to a survey document includes, unless the context otherwise requires, a reference to a survey document in electronic form.
Registered surveyor to be familiar with related legislation
3.—(1)  Every registered surveyor shall be familiar with —
(a)the Act and any rules made thereunder; and
(b)the Acts set out in the Schedule and any subsidiary legislation made under them.
(2)  Every registered surveyor shall be familiar with, and shall comply with, all the directives and circulars issued by the Chief Surveyor from time to time.
Personal direction and supervision of surveys
4.  Every cadastral survey shall be carried out by or under the immediate personal direction and supervision of a registered surveyor and in strict compliance with these Rules.
Existing survey data to be obtained
5.—(1)  Every registered surveyor or a representative authorised by the registered surveyor shall, before commencing a cadastral survey, obtain existing survey data relating to the survey he is to carry out, by —
(a)consulting the records of the Authority or, if he is so directed by the Authority, the records of any other registered surveyor or other relevant authorities; and
(b)obtaining from the Chief Surveyor the lot numbers to be used in connection with the survey he is to carry out.
(2)  A registered surveyor or his representative shall not —
(a)use any lot numbers for the survey he is to carry out other than those obtained from the Chief Surveyor, unless he has obtained prior approval from the Chief Surveyor; or
(b)use or quote any lot number in any instrument or caveat to be lodged with the Authority, unless the lot number or the relevant assurance plan, certified plan or strata certified plan from which the lot number is obtained has been approved by the Chief Surveyor.
Compliance with requirements
6.  A registered surveyor shall, before carrying out work on any cadastral survey, check that the proposed cadastral survey is in accordance with all requirements of the Authority and other relevant authorities.
Errors in previous survey
7.  A registered surveyor who discovers an error in a previous cadastral survey which materially affects the accuracy of his cadastral survey shall —
(a)supply the Chief Surveyor with a full report of the error together with all relevant information relating thereto; and
(b)rectify the error in the survey that he is carrying out only after he has received directions to do so from the Chief Surveyor.
Form of survey document to be submitted
8.—(1)  A registered surveyor shall, upon the completion of a cadastral survey, submit to the Chief Surveyor the survey documents required under the Act and these Rules, and such other survey documents as the Chief Surveyor may require.
(2)  Every survey document used in a cadastral survey and submitted to the Chief Surveyor shall be in such form as the Chief Surveyor may approve.
Field equipment
9.—(1)  Every registered surveyor engaged in cadastral survey work in Singapore shall ––
(a)test his field equipment at least once every 12 months to ensure that it is in good adjustment; and
(b)together with any survey document submitted to the Chief Surveyor in relation to a cadastral survey, submit all test results of the field equipment used in that survey, for the period that the field equipment was used in the survey.
(2)  The registered surveyor shall ––
(a)keep all test results (including data used for such tests) of any field equipment used in a cadastral survey, for the entire period of that survey until the Chief Surveyor has approved that survey; and
(b)whenever required to do so within that period, produce to the Chief Surveyor any of the test results and the data used for such test.
Abbreviations, symbols and conventional signs in survey documents
10.  The abbreviations, symbols and conventional signs adopted by the Authority shall be used in survey documents.
Plan forms
11.  Plan forms of the quality approved by the Chief Surveyor shall be used for all plans to be deposited with the Authority.
Plotting on plans
12.  The plotting of all points on plans shall be by co-ordinates.
Corrections on plans
13.—(1)  The correction of printed information on any plan shall be made by drawing a line through the incorrect entry but without obliterating it, and printing the correct entry nearby.
(2)  The correction of an incorrectly drawn line or mark on any plan shall be made by one or more crosses on the incorrect line or mark and by redrawing the correct line or mark in its correct position.
(3)  Each correction shall be initialled by the registered surveyor who prepared the plan.
(4)  A registered surveyor shall not make or permit to be made any correction on any plan by erasing any part of a plan.
Notice to enter land to conduct survey
14.  Where a notice has been given to an occupier of any land under section 11A(2) of the Act, the registered surveyor shall submit a copy of such notice to the Chief Surveyor at least 3 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) prior to the date of entry on the land.
Certification in relation to encroachment
15.  Every survey plan submitted to the Chief Surveyor for approval shall be accompanied by a certificate signed by the registered surveyor in the following form:
   “I, .......................................................................... , a surveyor registered under the Land Surveyors Act (Cap. 156), certify that:
(a)there (*is/is no) encroachment affecting any land parcel adjoining the land parcel under my survey;
*(b)(if there is encroachment affecting any land parcel adjoining the land parcel under my survey) the particulars of the encroachment are as follows:
(i)Lot and Mukim/TS No. of adjoining land parcel: _______________
(ii)Ownership of adjoining land parcel: *State/Private
(iii)The encroachment is as shown in: ___________ (state survey document)
(iv)Description of encroachment: _______________
(v)The encroachment *was/was not created by the purchaser or owner of the land parcel under my survey; and
*(c)(if the encroachment was created by the purchaser or owner of the land parcel surveyed by me) the encroachment has been resolved by: ______________ (describe the manner of resolution). A copy of _______________________ (describe documentary evidence of resolution of encroachment) is attached.
(Signature and date of certification)
Registered Surveyor.
*Delete whichever is inapplicable.”.
Made this 28th day of March 2005.
Singapore Land Authority.
[LAW 19/003/002 Vol. 4; AG/LEG/SL/25/2000/1 Vol. 1]