No. S 237
Census Act
(Chapter 35)
Census Rules 2000
With reference to the Census Rules 2000 (G.N. No. S 215/2000) —
(a)for “RULES” in the title read “NOTIFICATION”;
(b)for “RULES” and “Rule” in the Arrangement of Rules read  “PARAGRAPHS” and “Paragraph”, respectively;
(c)for “Rules” in the empowering paragraph read “Notification”;
(d)for “These Rules” and “Rules” in rule 1 read “This Notification” and “Notification”, respectively;
(e)for “Rule 2” in the 2nd line of the Schedule read “Paragraph 2”; and
(f)for item 14 in the Schedule read as follows:
14.For persons who are not residing in Singapore —
(a)country of residence
(b)reason for living abroad
(c)expected duration of employment/course of study abroad (if applicable)”.