No. S 266
Road Traffic Act
(Chapter 276)
Road Traffic (Exemption of Cleaning Vehicles) Order 2000
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 142 of the Road Traffic Act, the Minister for Communications and Information Technology hereby makes the following Order:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Order may be cited as the Road Traffic (Exemption of Cleaning Vehicles) Order 2000 and shall come into operation on 12th June 2000.
2.—(1)  Sections 10, 15, 29 and 91 of the Act shall not apply to a cleaning vehicle.
(2)  The prescribed fee and the additional transfer fee referred to in rule 26(1)(a) of the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Registration and Licensing) Rules (R 5) shall not apply to a cleaning vehicle which has been registered under the Act on or before 12th June 2000.
(3)  For the purposes of this Order, “cleaning vehicle” means a battery-operated cart used by any contractor engaged by a Town Council for the purposes of collecting and transporting refuse in any housing estate and along any public road within such estate.
Made this 9th day of June 2000.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Communications and
Information Technology,
[LTA/VT/91/243/1-1; AG/LEG/SL/276/97/9 Vol. 1]