No. S 310
Customs Act
(Chapter 70)
Customs (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2008
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 143(1) of the Customs Act, the Minister for Finance hereby makes the following Regulations:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Customs (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2008 and shall come into operation on 1st January 2009.
New Part IV
2.  The Customs Regulations (Rg 2) are amended by inserting, immediately after regulation 14, the following Part:
Markings on cigarette
15.—(1)  Every cigarette imported into or manufactured in Singapore shall, before the cigarette is released from customs control for sale or consumption in Singapore —
(a)be marked “SDPC”; or
(b)have any other designation, symbol or marking embossed, printed or marked thereon or on the cigarette pack in accordance with the direction of the Director-General.
(2)  The marking “SDPC” referred to in paragraph (1)(a) shall —
(a)be positioned at least 3.5 centimetres from the cigarette end that is to be lighted;
(b)be in block letters of not less than 3 millimetres in height; and
(c)be in typeface Arial Bold, and in black or such other colour as the Director-General may approve.”.
Deletion of regulation 103
3.  Regulation 103 of the Customs Regulations is deleted.
[G.N. Nos. S 444/2002; S595/2002; S 128/2003; S 157/2003; S63/2004; S 87/2004; S 202/2006; S 693/2006; S 191/2008]

Made this 11th day of June 2008.

Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Finance,
[Conf0113/69/Vol. 9; MF(R) R017.005.001 Vol. 5; AG/LEG/SL/70/2005/1 Vol. 2]
(To be presented to Parliament under section 143(2) of the Customs Act).