No. S 321
Small Claims Tribunals Act
(Chapter 308)
Small Claims Tribunals (Jurisdiction) Order 1997
In exercise of the powers conferred by the definition of “prescribed limit” in sections 2 and 5(4) of the Small Claims Tribunals Act, the Minister for Law, after consultation with the Chief Justice, hereby makes the following Order:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Order may be cited as the Small Claims Tribunals (Jurisdiction) Order 1997 and shall come into operation on 15th July 1997.
Prescribed limit
2.  For the purpose of the definition of “prescribed limit” in section 2 of the Act, the prescribed limit shall be $10,000.
Agreed jurisdiction
3.  For the purposes of subsection (4) of section 5 of the Act, the sum of “$10,000” in that subsection is deleted and substituted with the sum of “$20,000”.
Made this 7th day of July 1997.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Law,
[LAW 06/015/005 V3; AG/SL/35/92 Vol. 1]