No. S 347
Parks and Trees Act
(Chapter 216)
Officers to Exercise the Powers of Police Officer Within Public Park
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 3(4) of the Parks and Trees Act, the Minister for National Development has authorised —
(a)the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation; and
(b)the following officers of the National Parks Board:
(i)Deputy Chief Executives;
(iii)Deputy Directors;
(iv)Assistant Directors;
(vi)Assistant Managers;
(vii)Principal Park Rangers;
(vii)Senior Park Rangers; and
(ix)Park Rangers,
who have been appointed under section 3 of the Act, to exercise within any public park all the powers of a police officer, with effect from 1st July 1996.
2.  Notification N 1 is cancelled.
[ND 1/18-60 Vol. 6; AG/SL/15/93]