No. S 396
Telecommunications Act
(Chapter 323)
Telecommunications (Dealers) (Amendment) Regulations 2007
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 74 of the Telecommunications Act, the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore, with the approval of the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, hereby makes the following Regulations:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Telecommunications (Dealers) (Amendment) Regulations 2007 and shall come into operation on 23rd July 2007.
Amendment of regulation 20
2.  Regulation 20 of the Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations (Rg 6) (referred to in these Regulations as the principal Regulations) is amended —
(a)by inserting, immediately after the words “as the Authority may determine” in paragraph (7), the words “, except as otherwise provided in paragraph (7A),”; and
(b)by inserting, immediately after paragraph (7), the following paragraph:
(7A)  No renewal fee is payable in respect of an application for the renewal of the registration of any radio-communication equipment which is set out in the Fifth Schedule.”.
Amendment of Second Schedule
3.  Paragraph 8 of the Second Schedule to the principal Regulations is amended by deleting sub-paragraph (d) and substituting the following sub-paragraph:
(d)refrain from affixing on —
(i)any telecommunication equipment which is not registered equipment;
(ii)any advertisement, pamphlet or brochure relating to any such telecommunication equipment; and
(iii)any instruction manual or packaging of any such telecommunication equipment,
any label stating or indicating that the telecommunication equipment complies with the standards and specifications published by the Authority; and”.
Amendment of Third Schedule
4.  The Third Schedule to the principal Regulations is amended by deleting item 4.
Amendment of Fourth Schedule
5.  The Fourth Schedule to the principal Regulations is amended by deleting item 3 and substituting the following item:
3. Application for registration of the following equipment which does not require evaluation of declaration of conformity:
(a) any radio-communication equipment set out in the Fifth Schedule
No fee
(b) any other telecommunication equipment
New Fifth Schedule
6.  The principal Regulations are amended by inserting, immediately after the Fourth Schedule, the following Schedule:
Regulation 20(7A) and item 3 (a) of Fourth Schedule
Equipment in Respect of Which Registration and Renewal of Registration Fees Do Not Apply
Radio-communication equipment
Authorised radio frequency bands
Maximum approved field strength or power
1. Short Range Devices
13.553 – 13.567 MHz
100 mW EIRP.
26.96 – 27.28 MHz
40.66 – 40.70 MHz
433.79 – 434.79 MHz
2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz
5.725 – 5.875 GHz
24 – 24.25 GHz”.
[G.N. No. S 478/2005]

Made this 2nd day of July 2007.

Info-communications Development
Authority of Singapore.
[IDA/LGL/3.3/REG-07; AG/LEG/SL/323/2000/1 Vol. 7]