No. S 401
Destitute Persons Act
(Chapter 78)
Welfare Homes
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 7(1) of the Destitute Persons Act, the Minister of State, Ministry of Community Development and Sports, charged with the responsibility of the Minister for Community Development and Sports, hereby establishes the following homes as welfare homes for the reception, care and rehabilitation of destitute persons, with effect from 1st August 2002:
(1) Bukit Batok Home for the Aged
11 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2
Singapore 659205
(2) Christalite Methodist Home
51 Marsiling Drive
Singapore 739297
(3) Gift of Love Home
790 Thomson Road
Marymount Centre
Singapore 298142
(4) Jamiyah Home for the Aged
1 Tampines Avenue 3
Singapore 529707
(5) Moral Welfare Home
301 Henderson Road
Singapore 108931.
2.  The Destitute Persons (Welfare Homes) (Consolidation) Notification (N 1) is cancelled.

Dated this 30th day of July 2002.

Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Community
Development and Sports,
[MCDS 76-05-07 V2; AG/LEG/SL/78/2002/1 Vol. 1]