No. S 458
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Act 2009
(Act 17 of 2009)
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (Airport Master Plan) Rules 2009
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 48(4) of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Act 2009, the Minister for Transport hereby makes the following Rules:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (Airport Master Plan) Rules 2009 and shall come into operation on 1st October 2009.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“approve” means to approve under section 48(1) of the Act, and “approved” and “approval” shall be construed accordingly;
“final master plan”, in relation to an airport, means the draft master plan approved and in force for that airport, and includes a master plan that is deemed under section 48(5) of the Act to be so approved;
“master plan” means a master plan for an airport;
“planning period” has the meaning assigned to it by rule 3;
“proposal” means a proposal for amendments to a final master plan for an airport that is in force;
“regulatory period” means —
(a)the period starting from 1st July 2009 and ending on 31st March 2012, which is the first regulatory period; and
(b)thereafter, every subsequent period of 5 years each;
“working day” means a day that is not a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday.
Meaning of “planning period”
3.—(1)  Each draft master plan and final master plan must relate to a period of 15 years, which shall be called the planning period.
(2)  For the purposes of the application of these Rules to a draft master plan or final master plan for an airport, it is to be assumed that the lease or leases held by the airport licensee for the airport will continue in force for the duration of the planning period of the plan.

Made this 1st day of October 2009.

Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Transport,
[CA.7.3.00117.0.15; AG/LEG/SL/41/2009/5 Vol. 1]