No. S 558
State Lands Act
(Chapter 314)
State Lands (Amendment) Rules 2002
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 3 of the State Lands Act, the President hereby makes the following Rules:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Rules may be cited as the State Lands (Amendment) Rules 2002 and shall come into operation on 25th October 2002.
New rule 4A
2.  The State Lands Rules (R 1) are amended by inserting, immediately after rule 4, the following rule:
Appointment of agents for disposal of State land
4A.—(1)  The Minister may appoint in writing any statutory body to act as agent of the Government in the disposal of specified State land, and to manage such specified State land and grant any State title in connection with such disposal.
(2)  A statutory body which has been appointed under paragraph (1) shall, in addition to the functions, duties and powers conferred on it by the written law under which it is established, have —
(a)the function and duty to act as agent of the Government in the disposal and management of the specified State land and the grant of State title in relation to such specified State land in accordance with the Act and any other written law; and
(b)such powers as may be incidental or necessary thereto.
(3)  The Minister shall appoint a statutory body under paragraph (1) only after obtaining the concurrence of the Minister charged with the responsibility for the statutory body.
(4)  In this rule, “specified State land” means any parcel of State land or any class of State land specified in the appointment of the statutory body to act as agent of the Government under paragraph (1).”.

Made this 24th day of October 2002.

By Command,
Secretary to the Cabinet,
[LAW29/001/001; AG/LEG/SL/314/2002/1 Vol. 1]