No. S 77
Land Surveyors Act
(Chapter 156)
Land Surveyors (Approved Assistant Surveyors) Rules 2000
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 40 of the Land Surveyors Act, the Land Surveyors Board, with the approval of the Minister for Law, hereby makes the following Rules:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Land Surveyors (Approved Assistant Surveyors) Rules 2000 and shall come into operation on 1st March 2000.
Application for approval of assistant surveyors
2.  An application for approval of any person to be employed as an assistant surveyor under section 16A(2) of the Act shall be made in the form set out in the First Schedule and shall be accompanied by —
(a)true copies of any documentary evidence showing the applicant’s qualifications and practical experience in surveying; and
(b)a fee of $80.
Duration of approval
3.—(1)  Every approval granted by the Board under section 16A(3) of the Act or renewed by the Board under paragraph (2) shall expire on 31st December of the year in which it is granted or renewed unless it is previously revoked.
(2)  An application for the renewal of an approval shall be made before the expiry of such approval and shall be accompanied by a fee of $40.
(3)  No fee or part thereof shall be refunded by the Board in respect of the unexpired period of any approval which has been deemed to be revoked under section 16C(2) of the Act or which has been revoked or suspended under section 16D of the Act.
Register of approved assistant surveyors
4.  The register of approved assistant surveyors shall be in the form set out in the Second Schedule.

Made this 26th day of February 2000.

Land Surveyors Board,
[LSB 61 Vol. 6; LAW 19/003/002 Vol. 2; AG/LEG/SL/156/96/1 Vol. 1]
(To be presented to Parliament under section 40(3) of the Land Surveyors Act).