Administration of Muslim Law Act
(CHAPTER 3, Section 7(2))
Majlis Ugama Islam, Singapura
N 3
G.N. No. S 2541/1968

(25th March 1992)
[30th August 1968]
The President of the Majlis Ugama Islam has prescribed the following Muslim societies which shall nominate members for appointment to the Majlis under the Act:
(1)All Malaya Muslim Missionary Society, Singapore.
(2)The Muslim League, Singapore.
(3)South Indian Jamiathul Ulama, Singapore.
(4)Persatuan Guru-Guru Agama Singapura.
(5)Muhammadiah, Singapura.
(6)Pertubohan Muslimin, Singapura.
(7)Persatuan Pelajar-Pelajar Agama Dewasa, Singapura.
Each such society shall nominate 3 members, one of whom shall be appointed to the Majlis by the President of Singapore.