Central Provident Fund Act
(CHAPTER 36, Section 69)
Central Provident Fund (Exemptions — Miscellaneous) (Consolidation) Order
O 1
(1st January 1998)
1.  This Order may be cited as the Central Provident Fund (Exemptions — Miscellaneous) (Consolidation) Order.
2.  For the purpose of this Order, “domestic employee” means an employee employed by a person exclusively in the work or in connection with the work of that person’s private domestic household and not of any trade, business or profession carried on by the employer in that household, and includes a cook, house servant (including bedroom and kitchen servants), waiter, butler, child’s or baby’s nurse, valet, watchman, gardener, groom and driver or cleaner of any vehicle licensed for private use.
3.  The following are hereby exempted from the provisions of the Act:
(1)domestic employees and their employers in respect of any domestic employment that does not exceed 14 hours in any week;
[S 410/55 – 16.12.55]
(2)[Deleted by S 385/99 wef 08/09/1999]
(3)[Deleted by S 385/99 wef 08/09/1999]
(4)[Deleted by S 385/99 wef 08/09/1999]
(5)[Deleted by S 385/99 wef 08/09/1999]
(6)[Deleted by S 385/99 wef 08/09/1999]
(7)all instructor trainees of the Singapore Polytechnic;
[S 307/60 – 7.11.60]
(8)all employees of the United Nations Organisation or any agency or institution thereof stationed in Singapore;
[S 112/62 – 11.5.62]
(9)seamen who are citizens of Singapore and who are employed in Swedish ships on terms and conditions of service applicable to Swedish seamen;
[Sp. No. S 32/64 – 12.2.64]
(10)persons employed by the Malayan Railway Administration in Singapore;
[Sp. No. S 215/64 – 16.9.63]
(11)all employees of the General Conference Corporation of Seventh-Day Adventists employed under a contract of service or other agreement entered into outside Singapore and who are not domiciled in Singapore;
[Sp. No. S 219/64 – 24.12.64]
(12)seamen who are citizens of Singapore and who are employed in Norwegian ships on terms and conditions of service applicable to Norwegian seamen;
[S 179/68 – 5.7.68]
(13)[Deleted by S 631/2007 wef 28/12/2007]
(14)all employers employing Woodbridge Hospital patients on a trial basis shall during such period as the Medical Superintendent of the Woodbridge Hospital may approve to be the trial period;
[S 176/76 – 1.9.76]
(15)seamen who are citizens of Singapore and who are employed by the East Asiatic Co. Ltd. of Denmark on terms and conditions of the agreement between the Danish Shipowners’ Association and the Seamen’s Union in Denmark;
[S 80/77 – 4.3.77]
(16)the employers of trainees who are engaged in training at the following institutions:
(a)Brown Boveri Government Training Centre;
(b)Philips Government Training Centre;
(c)Tata Government Training Centre;
(d)French-Singapore Institute;
(e)German-Singapore Institute;
(f)Japan-Singapore Technical Institute;
(g)Singapore Hotel Association Training and Educational Centre;
(h)Precision Optics Training Centre Pte. Ltd.;
[S 150/88 – 17.6.88]
(i)Yokogawa Training Centre; and
[S 517/91 – 2.11.91]
(j)Jewellery Industry Training Centre of Singapore.
[S 339/92 – 13.7.92]
(17)all matriculated or registered students of —
(a)the National University of Singapore;
(b)the Nanyang Technological University;
(c)the Ngee Ann Polytechnic;
(d)the Singapore Polytechnic;
(e)the Temasek Polytechnic;
[S 417/91 – 1.10.91]
[S 356/1999 wef 01/07/1999]
(f)the Nanyang Polytechnic;
[S 542/96 – 1.1.97]
[S 356/1999 wef 01/07/1999]
(g)the Institute of Technical Education; and
[S 356/99 wef 01/07/1999]
[S 166/2001 wef 01/04/2001]
(h)Singapore Management University,
[S 166/2001 wef 01/04/2001]
who are employed for training approved by these institutions.
(18)all matriculated or registered students of any overseas tertiary education institution who, in the course of their studies at the institution, are required by the institution to undergo training in Singapore for a period of not more than 6 months, subject to such conditions as the Board may impose, with the approval of the Minister;
[S 166/2001 wef 01/04/2001]
(19)all registered students, excluding students who have completed their ‘A’ level examinations, of any school registered under the Education Act (Cap. 87) and who are employed during the gazetted school holidays.
[S 166/2001 wef 01/04/2001]