Intoxicating Substances Act
(Chapter 146A, Section 18(1))
Approved Centres
N 1
(1st April 1999)
The Minister for Home Affairs has declared the following approved centres for the purposes of the treatment and rehabilitation of persons who use or inhale intoxicating substances for the purpose of inducing or causing a state of intoxication:
(1)Lloyd Leas Community Supervision Centre, 1 Cosford Road, Singapore 499547.
[S 165/96 – 1.6.96]
[S 58/2014 wef 03/02/2014]
[S 638/2016 wef 19/12/2016]
(2)Changi Women’s Prison/Drug Rehabilitation Centre, 10 Tanah Merah Besar Road, Singapore 498834.
[S 638/2016 wef 19/12/2016]