Notaries Public Act
(Chapter 208, Section 8)
Notaries Public Rules
R 1
(1st January 1999)
[1st January 1996]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Notaries Public Rules.
2.  In these Rules ––
“Academy” means the Singapore Academy of Law constituted under the Singapore Academy of Law Act (Cap. 294A);
“affidavit” includes affirmation, statutory or other declaration;
“folio” means 100 words, each figure being counted as one word;
“oath” includes affirmation and declaration;
“Secretary” means the Secretary to the Senate;
“Senate” means the Senate of the Academy;
“swear” includes affirm and declare.
3.—(1)  The fees payable to the Academy —
(a)for an application for appointment or reappointment as a notary public; and
(b)for each appointment or reappointment as a notary public,
are specified in Part I of the First Schedule.
(2)  No fee paid to the Academy for an application mentioned in paragraph (1)(a) is refundable.
(3)  The fees payable to a notary public are specified in Part II of the First Schedule.
[S 307/2016 wef 01/07/2016]
Duration of appointment
4.  Notaries public shall be appointed for a period of one year and may be reappointed for each subsequent year as the Senate may, in its discretion, decide.
Application procedure
5.—(1)  Applications for reappointment as notaries public shall be lodged with the Secretary 2 clear months before the expiry of each preceding period of appointment.
(2)  An applicant shall lodge with the Secretary an application for his appointment or reappointment as a notary public, setting forth ––
(a)his date of admission to the roll of the Supreme Court and the number of years that he has been in practice;
(b)whether he is or has ever been an undischarged bankrupt or has made an arrangement with his creditors;
(c)whether he has ever been convicted of any offence;
(d)whether he has ever been found guilty of any professional misconduct; or
(e)whether he is or has been the subject of disciplinary proceedings under Part VII of the Legal Profession Act (Cap. 161); and, if so, the date and nature of the complaint, whether the complaint resulted in the appointment of a Disciplinary Committee, and if so, the result of its inquiry.
Register of notaries public
6.  The particulars of every notary public appointed by the Senate shall be registered with the Senate in a register maintained by the Secretary in such form as the Senate may determine.
Instrument of appointment
7.—(1)  Every notary public shall upon appointment or reappointment receive a certificate of appointment.
(2)  Every notary public shall exercise his appointment or reappointment in accordance with the conditions stated in the certificate of appointment.
(3)  Every notary public shall upon appointment or reappointment receive a notary’s stamp from the Academy specifying the expiry date of the appointment or reappointment.
(4)  Every notary public shall stamp the expiry date of his appointment or reappointment on every document administered in exercise of his appointment or reappointment.
Notarial Certificate
8.—(1)  A notary public must issue and sign a certificate (called in these Rules a Notarial Certificate) for each document attested by the notary public, or in connection with which the notary public has administered an oath or affirmation, in exercise of the notary public’s powers and functions as a notary public.
(2)  Every Notarial Certificate must be in the form specified on the Internet website at
[S 641/2019 wef 01/10/2019]
(3)  A Notarial Certificate must be —
(a)secured to the document for which the Notarial Certificate is issued, with a ribbon that runs through the Notarial Certificate and the document;
[S 641/2019 wef 01/10/2019]
(b)sealed with a seal that is of the pattern set out in the Second Schedule and is issued by the Academy, and that is affixed on the Notarial Certificate over the ribbon mentioned in sub‑paragraph (a) near the ends of that ribbon; and
[S 641/2019 wef 01/10/2019]
(c)authenticated in accordance with the Singapore Academy of Law Rules (Cap. 294A, R 1).
[S 641/2019 wef 01/10/2019]
[S 44/2017 wef 15/02/2017]
Register of documents administered
9.  Every notary public shall ––
(a)keep a register of documents administered in exercise of his appointment;
(b)furnish such information as the Secretary may require; and
(c)make the register available for inspection by the Secretary upon request.