Parking Places Act
(Chapter 214, Section 8(1)(aa))
Parking Places (Provision of Parking Places and Parking Spaces) Rules
R 5
(1st September 1995)
[1st September 1995]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Parking Places (Provision of Parking Places and Parking Spaces) Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“approval of the competent authority” means permission given by a competent authority to develop land and includes authorisation to develop land pursuant to the Planning (Development of Land Authorisation) Notification (Cap. 232, N 1)
[S 408/98 wef 24/07/1998]
“approved development” means a proposed development of land in relation to which written permission has been granted by a competent authority;
“competent authority” means any competent authority appointed under section 5 of the Planning Act 1998 (Act 3 of 1998)
[S 408/98 wef 24/07/1998]
“develop” shall have the same meaning as in section 3 of the Planning Act 1998;
[S 408/98 wef 24/07/1998]
“developer” means a person who obtains the approval of the competent authority;
[S 408/98 wef 24/07/1998]
“former competent authority” means the person appointed before 1st September 1995 under section 3 of the Planning Act as the competent authority for the operation of section 30 (2) (e) of that Act and any rules made thereunder.
[S 277/2000 wef 01/07/2000]