Supreme Court of Judicature Act
(Chapter 322, Section 80)
Rules of Court
R 5
G.N. No. S 71/1996

(21st March 2014)
[1st April 1996]
Citation, application, definitions and forms
Citation (O. 1, r. 1)
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Rules of Court.
Repeal, transitional provisions and application (O. 1, r. 2)
2.—(1)  Subject to this Rule, these Rules shall have effect in relation to all proceedings in the Supreme Court and the State Courts, in so far as the matters to which these Rules relate are within the jurisdiction of those Courts and, unless the Court otherwise orders, apply to any pending proceedings therein.
[S 671/2014 wef 01/10/2014]
[S 850/2014 wef 01/01/2015]
(2)  These Rules shall not apply to proceedings of the kind specified in the first column of the following Table (being proceedings in respect of which rules may be made under the written law specified in the second column of that Table), except for the provisions specified in the third column of that Table:
Written Law
Applicable Provisions
1.Bankruptcy proceedings.
Bankruptcy Act (Cap. 20), s.166.
Order 63A and items 54 to 59 and 63 of Appendix B.
2.Proceedings relating to the winding up of companies.
Companies Act (Cap. 50), s.410.
(a)Order 63A and items 54 to 59 and 63 of Appendix B; and
(b)Order 88, Rule 2(5).