National Library Board Act

(Original Enactment: Act 5 of 1995)

(31st October 2014)
An Act to establish and incorporate the National Library Board, to transfer to it the National Library and for matters connected therewith.
[1st September 1995]
Short title
1.  This Act may be cited as the National Library Board Act.
2.  In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“Board” means the National Library Board established under section 3;
“Chairman” means the Chairman of the Board and includes any temporary Chairman of the Board;
“chief executive officer” means the chief executive officer of the Board and includes any person acting in that capacity;
“Deputy Chairman” means the Deputy Chairman of the Board and includes any temporary Deputy Chairman of the Board;
“Fund” means the National Library Board Endowment Fund established under section 23;
“library information service” means any information service provided and managed in conjunction with a library or library service;
“library materials” means —
(a)any book, periodical, newspaper, pamphlet, musical score, map, chart, plan, picture, photograph or matter, in printed or electronic form;
(b)any visual image (including a computer generated image) or sound, or aggregate of visual images or sounds or both, or data —
(i)embodied in or recorded on a film (including a microfilm or a microfiche), negative, tape, disc, sound track or other device or thing, so as to be capable (with or without the aid of some other equipment) of being reproduced from it; or
(ii)transmitted by electronic means; and
(c)any online material made available on a Singapore website;
[Act 30 of 2018 wef 31/01/2019]
“member” means a member of the Board;
“National Archives” means the National Archives of Singapore transferred by the Statutes (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No. 2) Act 2012 (Act 25 of 2012) to the Board and administered in accordance with Part 2A;
“National Heritage Board” means the National Heritage Board established under section 3 of the National Heritage Board Act (Cap. 196A);
“online material” means any writing, visual image, video, sound recording or data accessible to the public generally, through the Internet on a website;
[Act 30 of 2018 wef 31/01/2019]
“printed”, in relation to books or other materials, means produced by printing, lithography, duplication or any other like process, and “printer” has a corresponding meaning;
[Act 30 of 2018 wef 31/01/2019]
“public archives” means those public records that —
(a)are more than 25 years old;
(b)are specified by the Board as being of national or historical significance; and
(c)have been transferred to the Board or to such other place as the Board may from time to time determine;
“public office” means any department, office, institution, agency, commission, board, local authority or statutory body or any other office of the Government or branch or subdivision thereof, and any other body that the President may, by notification in the Gazette, declare to be a public office;
“public records” means papers, documents, records, registers, printed materials, books, maps, plans, drawings, photographs, microforms, videotapes, films, machine readable and electronic records, sound recordings and other forms of records of any kind whatsoever, that are produced or received by any public office in the transaction of official business, or by any officer in the course of his official duties, and includes public archives;
“publicly-funded libraries” means all libraries owned by the Government or any statutory body and such other libraries which are, directly or indirectly, funded by the Government (whether fully or partially) as the Board may determine;
“published in Singapore”, in relation to library materials other than online material, means produced and released in Singapore for sale or public distribution;
[Act 30 of 2018 wef 31/01/2019]
“publisher” means any person who arranges for any library material to be published in Singapore;
[Act 30 of 2018 wef 31/01/2019]
“Singapore website” means —
(a)any website, the country code top level domain of which is associated with Singapore; or
(b)any prescribed website or electronic service associated with Singapore.
[Act 30 of 2018 wef 31/01/2019]