Bills of Sale Act
(Chapter 24, Section 21)
Bills of Sale (Fees) Rules
R 2
G.N. No. S 260/1984

(25th March 1992)
[1st November 1984]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Bills of Sale (Fees) Rules.
2.  The following fees are prescribed in respect of bills of sale:
On filing a bill of sale and declaration therewith
On filing any document to which item (a) does not apply
On filing a declaration of re-registration of a bill of sale
On writing a memorandum of satisfaction
For attesting and explaining a bill of sale
For office copies or extracts therefrom
(i) $1 plus 30 cents per page if search is involved; or
(ii) 30 cents per page if no search is required
For searching register
For inspecting a bill of sale
For making in the Registry a copy of a bill of sale for registration
For preparing in the Registry a declaration for renewal of registration of a bill of sale (section 14 (2))