Census Act
(Chapter 35, Section 22)
Census Rules
R 1
G.N. No. S 127/1990

(25th March 1992)
[30th March 1990]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Census Rules.
Particulars in respect of census
2.  For the purposes of the census of population directed to be taken throughout Singapore on 30th June 1990, particulars regarding which information is to be obtained in respect of persons within Singapore and Singaporeans residing outside Singapore shall include the following:
(A)  For every person:
(b)Relationship to head;
(c)Identification document held and number;
(d)Date of birth/age;
(f)Marital status;
(g)Spouse linkage (if applicable);
(h)Parent-child linkage (if applicable);
(i)Ethnic/dialect group;
(k)Country of birth;
(l)Year of first arrival in Singapore (if born outside Singapore);
(m)Language(s) literate in;
(n)Income from sources other than work;
(o)Language or dialect usually spoken at home to —
(p)Language/dialect most frequently spoken at home;
(B)  For full-time students:
(a)Name of school or educational institution attending;
(b)Grade of education attending;
(c)Mode of transport to school;
(C)  For non-students:
Highest grade passed or qualification attained;
(D)  For polytechnic/university graduates:
(a)Major field of study;
(b)Country where the highest qualification was obtained;
(c)Year when highest qualification was obtained;
(E)  For working persons:
(a)Employer/Firm —
(ii)Business activity;
(b)Address of workplace;
(d)Main duties/tasks;
(e)Occupational status;
(f)Mode of transport to work place;
(g)Gross monthly pay for May 1989;
(h)Bonus in 1989;
(i)Average monthly earnings/profit in 1989;
(F)  For persons who are not working and not full-time students:
(a)Whether worked before;
(b)Whether actively looking for work;
(c)Action taken to look for employment;
(d)Activity status;
(G)  For a woman who is married or has been married:
(a)Age when she was first married;
(b)Number of children given birth to;
(c)Age when her first child was born;
(H)  For persons aged 60 years and above:
Mobility status (whether can move about independently);
(I)  For Singaporeans residing abroad:
(a)Country currently residing in;
(b)Year left Singapore;
(c)Reason for living abroad;
(J)  For every household:
(a)Address and telephone number;
(b)Type of house;
(K)  For every person included in the sample enumeration:
(a)Type of sport activities took part in;
(b)Type of arts activities participated;
(c)Type of arts events attended;
(d)Type of other leisure activities engaged in;
(e)Average number of hours spent on leisure activities;
(f)Type of voluntary social activities participated and frequency;
(g)Whether born into the religion;
(h)Age of conversion to religion;
(i)Previous religion;
(j)Frequency of religious practices/activities;
(L)  For children under 12 years old included in the sample:
Child care arrangement.
3.  The forms set out in the Schedule shall be used for the purposes of rule 2.