Income Tax Act
(Chapter 134, Section 13(7))
Income Tax (Exemption of Foreign Income) (Consolidation) Order
O 36
G.N. No. S 31/1994

(1st April 1995)
The following companies are hereby granted exemption from tax on the income received in Singapore from a country outside Singapore, subject to the terms and conditions specified in the letters of approval addressed to the respective companies:
Date of Letter of Approval
(1) Reda Pump Company (S) Pte Ltd
24th May 1993.
(2) Keppel-UAE Investment Ltd and Keppel Corporation Limited
6th July 1993.
(3) Natsteel Equity V Pte Ltd
20th July 1993.
(4) AMS Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
16th September 1993.
(5) Finlayson Fund Investments
11th October 1993.
(6) P.L. International (Pte) Ltd
30th September 1993.
(7) Havelock Investments Pte Ltd
11th October 1993 and 4th January 1994.
(8) Seletar Investments Pte Ltd
4th January 1994.
(9) Cambodiana Investment (S) Pte Ltd
14th April 1994.
(10) Havelock Investments Pte. Ltd.
16th May 1994.
(11) Singapore Telecom International Pte. Ltd.
20th June 1994.
[S 31/94]
[S 323/94]