National Cadet Corps Act
(Chapter 194, Section 18)
National Cadet Corps Long Service Medal Regulations
Rg 3
(25th March 1992)
[1st January 1978]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the National Cadet Corps Long Service Medal Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations —
“officer” means an officer, honorary officer or honorary instructor appointed under section 9 of the Act;
“qualifying service” means service as an officer, honorary officer or honorary instructor with the Corps;
“service in the Corps” means active involvement in “open” or “school” units of the Corps.
Eligibility for award of Medal
3.—(1)  The National Cadet Corps Long Service Medal (referred to in these Regulations as the Medal) may be awarded to any officer in recognition of his long and dedicated service in the Corps.
(2)  Any officer who on or after 1st January 1978 has completed 12 years’ continuous service, or periods of service amounting in the aggregate to not less than 12 years, shall be eligible for the Medal:
Provided that his attendance has been regular and there has been no break in his service in the Corps.
(3)  Any period of service with the Singapore Armed Forces, the Singapore Police Force or any other service shall not count towards qualifying service.
(4)  A Clasp may be awarded to a recipient of the Medal on his completing each further 6 year period of qualifying service subsequent to the date of completion of his qualifying service for the Medal. For each Clasp so awarded, a small silver star may be added to the ribbon when worn alone.
Medal awarded by Minister on recommendation of Council
4.—(1)  The Medal shall be awarded by the Minister for Education on the recommendation of the Council. The recommendation shall be submitted to the Minister in the month of March each year.
(2)  The names of the officers to whom the Medal is awarded shall be published in the National Cadet Corps General Orders, and a register of such names shall be kept in the office of the Director-General of Education.
Forfeiture of Medal
5.—(1)  If an officer to whom the Medal has been awarded under these Regulations is convicted of a criminal offence or is dismissed or removed from either the Corps or the Education Service for misconduct or other disciplinary reasons, he shall forfeit the Medal, unless the Minister otherwise directs.
(2)  A Medal so forfeited may be restored to the recipient by the Minister at his discretion.
(3)  A notice of forfeiture or restoration of the Medal shall in every case be published in the National Cadet Corps General Orders.
Loss or destruction of Medal
6.  The loss or destruction of the Medal shall, if replacement is desired, be reported in writing by the recipient to the Commandant, who may, if he is satisfied that the circumstances in which the loss or destruction occurred are such as to justify replacement, forward a report and recommendation for replacement to the Minister. No such report shall be forwarded until 6 months after the date of the alleged loss or destruction. The Medal shall be replaced on payment being made by the officer to cover the cost thereof.
Design of Medal
7.—(1)  The Medal shall consist of a circular medal in silver, 35 millimetres in diameter, and having on the obverse side thereof the crest of the Ministry of Education with the inscription “SINGAPORE” below it. In the centre of the reverse side shall be the inscription “FOR LONG SERVICE” encircled by a laurel wreath with a star at the top, and further encircled by the inscription “THE NATIONAL CADET CORPS”.
(2)  The Medal shall be worn on the left side of the outer garment suspended by a ribbon 35 millimetres in width and 50 millimetres in length.
(3)  The ribbon shall consist of vertical stripes in blue, red and white. The red and blue stripes shall be at the extreme right and left of the ribbon and be 4.5 millimetres in width each. Immediately beside the blue stripes, there shall be a white stripe 1.0 millimetre in width, a blue stripe 2.4 millimetres in width, a white stripe 1.6 millimetres in width and a red stripe 2.4 millimetres in width. In the centre of the ribbon there shall be a white stripe 2.2 millimetres in width.
(4)  The Medal and ribbon shall be of the design set out in the Schedule.