Prisons Act
(Chapter 247, Section 84(2)(j))
Prisons (Prison Officers Reward Fund) Regulations
Rg 3
G.N. No. S 3148/1939

(31st January 2002)
[6th October 1939]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Prisons (Prison Officers Reward Fund) Regulations.
Moneys for Prison Officers Reward Fund
2.  The Prison Officers Reward Fund shall consist of moneys paid in under section 65 of the Act.
Sums due to be paid into Consolidated Fund
3.  All sums due to the Prison Officers Reward Fund are to be paid without any deduction being made, into the Consolidated Fund, to the credit of the Fund.
Administration of Prison Officers Reward Fund
4.—(1)  The Prison Officers Reward Fund shall be administered by the Director.
(2)  The Prison Officers Reward Fund may be employed for the following objects:
(a)rewards for outstanding acts of initiative and resource on the part of prison officers;
(b)prizes for marksmanship;
(c)purchase of sports equipment for the staff; and
(d)any award to any member of the staff which to the Director may seem desirable on special grounds.
Accountant-General to pay on certificate of Director
5.  The Accountant-General shall pay, on the certificate of the Director, the sums, not exceeding the amount at credit of the Prison Officers Reward Fund, authorised by the Director for the purposes mentioned in regulation 4(2).
Fine and reward fund book
6.  A fine and reward fund book shall be kept at Prison Headquarters, showing all amounts received, the source whence received, dates of payment into the Consolidated Fund, and all payments made therefrom.
Cases meriting award from Prison Officers Reward Fund
7.  The Superintendents shall bring to the notice of the Director, without delay, all cases meriting an award from this Prison Officers Reward Fund.
[G.N. No. 3148/39]