No. S 338
Pingat Berkebolehan
(The Efficiency Medal) Rules 1996
The President is pleased to approve the institution of a Medal to be styled the Pingat Berkebolehan or the Efficiency Medal, the award of which shall be governed by the following Rules:
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Pingat Berkebolehan (The Efficiency Medal) Rules 1996 and shall come into operation on 2nd August 1996.
2.  The Medal shall be designated and styled the Pingat Berkebolehan or the Efficiency Medal.
3.  The Medal may be awarded to any of the following persons for exceptional efficiency or exceptional devotion to duty or for work of special significance:
(a)any public officer;
(b)any officer employed by any statutory authority (other than a Town Council);
(c)any person in the service of any organisation, association or body rendering services in the field of education;
[S 15/2017 wef 13/01/2017]
(d)any person employed in any company which is wholly-owned by the Government and which is carrying on business mainly as an agent or instrumentality of the Government;
[S 15/2017 wef 13/01/2017]
(e)any person who is or has been employed as a member of the personal staff of the President.
[S 15/2017 wef 13/01/2017]
4.  The Medal shall consist of a ring upon an oblique square in the centre of which shall be embossed a circular shield bearing a crescent and 5 stars. The reverse side of the Medal shall bear the State Arms and name of the Medal.
5.  The Medal shall be of the design as set out in the Schedule.
6.  The Medal shall be worn on the left side of the outer garment suspended by a ribbon. The ribbon shall consist of a red centre band flanked on each side by a red stripe bordered by 2 grey stripes, followed by a red band and a grey band, in that order.
7.  The names of the persons to whom the Medal is awarded shall be published in the Gazette and a register of such names shall be kept in the office of the Prime Minister.
8.  The President may forfeit any Medal awarded to any person under these Rules if —
(a)the person is convicted of any criminal offence;
(b)the person is dismissed from the public service or any form of service or employment mentioned in rule 3(b), (c), (d) or (e); or
(c)the person is guilty of misconduct or disloyalty to Singapore.
[S 15/2017 wef 13/01/2017]
9.—(1)  The Pingat Berkebolehan (The Efficiency Medal) Rules 1969 (G.N. No. S 197/69) (hereafter referred to as the revoked Rules) are revoked.
(2)  Any person to whom an Efficiency Medal has been awarded under the revoked Rules is deemed to have been awarded the Medal under these Rules.
Made this 29th day of July 1996.
By Command,
Secretary to the Cabinet,
[PM 061/59/Pt. D/Vol. 5; AG/LEG/SL/74/96/1]