Singapore Armed Forces Act
(Chapter 295, Section 205)
Singapore Armed Forces
(Suspension of Serviceman) Regulations
Rg 11
G.N. No. S 108/1988

(31st January 2001)
[6th May 1988]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Singapore Armed Forces (Suspension of Serviceman) Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, “suspended serviceman” means any serviceman who is suspended under these Regulations or regulation 22 of the Enlistment Regulations (Cap. 93, Rg 1).
Suspension of serviceman
3.—(1)  The proper authority may suspend a serviceman from duty in any of the following circumstances:
(a)when an investigation is being conducted pursuant to any written law where there is reason to believe that the serviceman has committed an offence;
(b)when any criminal or disciplinary proceedings are instituted against the serviceman;
(c)when there is an appeal against, or review of a serviceman’s conviction or acquittal after the conclusion of disciplinary or criminal proceedings instituted against him;
(d)when a board of inquiry has been convened in respect of any matter which appears to reflect adversely on a serviceman’s character or conduct.
(2)  The period of suspension shall end where —
(a)the serviceman is suspended under paragraph (1)(a) and the investigations do not disclose that any offence has been committed by that serviceman;
(b)the serviceman is suspended under paragraph (1)(b) and the suspended serviceman is not convicted or found guilty at the conclusion of criminal or disciplinary proceedings instituted against him;
(c)the serviceman has been suspended under paragraph (1)(c) and the appeal or review against conviction or sentence has been withdrawn or deemed to have been withdrawn or disposed of by the appellate court or the reviewing authority, as the case may be;
(d)the serviceman has been suspended under paragraph (1)(d) and the Board of Inquiry has concluded its proceedings; or
(e)the serviceman has been suspended under regulation 22 of the Enlistment Regulations (Cap. 93, Rg 1) and a final decision is made not to discharge him.
Proper authority may withhold or refund pay of suspended serviceman
4.—(1)  The proper authority may, as it thinks fit, order that all or any portion of the pay of a suspended serviceman be withheld during the period of his suspension.
(2)  The proper authority may at any time during the period of any serviceman’s suspension review, vary or amend any order made under paragraph (1).
(3)  The proper authority may in any of the circumstances set out in regulation 3(2), as it thinks fit, refund all or any portion of the pay which a suspended serviceman would have received had he not been suspended.
Suspended serviceman not to leave Singapore
5.  A suspended serviceman against whom criminal or disciplinary proceedings are pending shall not, without the permission of the proper authority, leave Singapore before such disciplinary or criminal proceedings are finally determined.
Nothing in Regulations to derogate duty or liability of suspended serviceman
6.  Nothing in these Regulations shall be construed as derogating from any liability or duty of the suspended serviceman.
[G.N. No. S 108/88]