Subsidiary Legislation

Electricity Act
Current version as at 28 Jan 2021
Short Title     |   Number
Electricity (Appeals to Minister) Regulations 2019
Electricity (Cable Detection Workers) Regulations
Electricity (Composition of Offences) Regulations
Electricity (Contestable Consumers) Regulations 2018
Electricity (Control of Designated Electricity Licensees and Entities) Regulations
Electricity (Electrical Installations) Regulations
Electricity (Electrical Workers) Regulations
Electricity (Electricity Generation and Retail Licence) (Exemption) Order
Electricity (Electricity Generation Licence) (Exemption) (No. 2) Order
Electricity (Electricity Licences — Exemption) Order 2019
Electricity (Electricity Licences) (Exemption) Order 2011
Electricity (Electricity Licences) (Exemption) Order 2017
Electricity (Electricity Trading Licence) (Exemption) Order 2009
Electricity (Electricity Trading Licence) (Exemption) Order 2010
Electricity (Licensing of Electrical and Supply Installations) (Exemption) Notification